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Workout Guidelines

Welcome to EvokeMotion progressive & holistic workouts.

Our ambition is to have our healthy body and mind sessions accessible and motivating to beginners and regular trainers alike.


During the sessions we provide various types of workouts covering the 4 bodily aspects to fitness:


- Cardio

- Muscle Group Toning

- Balance

- Flexibility



Please take note of the following guidelines to be able to maximize your experience, boost motivation and avoid injuries.


Warm Up / Cool Down

- Always build up your heart rate gently and bring it down gently.

- We will warm up as a group.

- At the end of the workout grab your drink and then join the coach ASAP to avoid the heart slowing too much before the cool down. Don't worry about clearing away until the instructor asks for help.

- We always have a good stretch at the end.

Stay Hydrated


- Time will be allocated throughout the session to take on water, however feel free to grab a drink at any time (this does not apply to yoga classes)


Manage Your Body Temperature


- Dress according to the weather / environment.


- Wear layers that can be removed as body temperature increases. Don't forget gloves for cold weather and a hat can be useful both in the cold and in the sun.

- Slow down your effort level on a hot day to prevent overheating

Be Attentive and Share Concerns

- Take time to "listen carefully" to the coach whilst the session is being explained, even if you are a regular exerciser.

- Inform the instructor if you have a history of any medical condition or are recovering from an injury. Training options / techniques can often be adapted to accommodate this.

Progress gradually

- Nearly all of the exercises have low, medium and high difficulty levels. If you are not already a regular participant then start at the "lowest" difficulty level. (e.g. fast walking rather than running). You can always push harder towards the end if you have the energy.

- Note that different sports use different muscle groups so, even if you do regular sports, then the sessions may still be tiring, So start slow and build up gradually.

- For some types of workouts there will be optional "High Intensity Training" (H.I.T.) exercises. It is advised "not” to move to this level until at least 6 sessions. Typically the instructor will encourage you to start these when they believe you are ready.

- Match your breathing pattern to your pace and why not use the beat of the music to help your technique and motivation.

Use Correct Technique

- The coach will be working to help with posture and technique to avoid injuries and maximize the efficiency of each exercise. Take this advice into account.

- When the instructor is not doing an exercise, look around at others who seem comfortable with the method for guidance.

-  If you are not sure of the correct technique for an exercise then quickly get the attention of the instructor so this can be demonstrated.


- "Listen to your body"... if it doesn't feel right then you are probably doing it wrong.


And Last but Not Least


Remember to “have fun” and if you have ideas, concerns or feedback then do not hesitate to contact the instructor.

Additional Rules associated with Covid19 pandemic

- If you have any adverse health signs do not attend the session (e.g. high temperature, sore throat)


- Place a towel over your training mat


- Sterilise equipment before and after use (spray will be provided).

- Cough or sneeze into a tissue or if not possible towards hand / arm

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