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About Us

The evokemotion team are Carl, Ellie and Emma.

We are a family passionate about healthy and active lifestyle with a desire to help others the best we can.

about us

About Carl

Carl is a qualified fitness instructor with over 10 years running fitness classes and is also an established lifestyle coach.

Carl loves to train with people who are already active and healthy however his ambition is to help people who don't yet have the confidence to get into fitness training. Whether it's being out of the habit or not feeling comfortable going to a public gym. 


By making the sessions fun and accessible to all ages and fitness levels we build confidence in endurance and self-image.

about carl
about emma

About Emma

Emma is a trail and ultra runner. 


She loves the opportunities that running brings, whether it be a challenging new distance, helping new runners find confidence or being able to support a humanitarian cause via a running adventure.


About Ellie

Ellie is a productive and healthy teen passionate about fitness and nutrition, sharing healthy recipes and workouts through youtube videos and social media.

Ellie is here to help you incorporate healthier food choices and discover how to thrive on a balanced plant-based lifestyle.

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